Not being content playing in between the sticks, Petr Cech has now picked up a pair and drummed with the Czech Republic’s most popular bands Eddie Stoilow.

Petr Cech is a pretty good goalkeeper – I think we can all agree on that, even if he does look a bit stupid now he has to wear that dumb headgear all the time. But did you know he’s also a good drummer too? Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but he has taken up the drums, recently stating that ‘I’ve had a drum set at home for a long time and I really enjoy playing it!’

In fact, Petr Cech enjoys drumming so much that he recently got in touch with the Czech Republic’s premier open air rock band Eddie Stoilow about playing for them. I’m not sure if they have a regular drummer or not but obviously getting a guy who’s only played drums for a short period of time and is also a professional footballer in another country so probably doesn’t have that much time to practice seems like a great idea! Here’s what Petr Cech had to say about the collaboration:  ‘The lads from Eddie Stoilow sent me some arrangements for some songs; we are trying out something new.’

Sounds promising right? Originally Petr Cech wasn’t supposed to play drums in front of an audience until Christmas, but he was practicing so hard on his little drumkit in his house that he pushed the date forward by three whole months as he felt that he was comfortable enough to play live now. And we’ve got it on video for you below.

Check it out as Petr Cech plays one drumbeat throughout the entirety of Eddie Stoilow’s cover of Yellow by Coldplay. This is clearly Petr Cech’s definition of ‘trying out some new stuff.’ I think he does maybe one slight fill where he hits a different cymbal. There’s a cool bit as well where the drums stop and there’s a gap and then he comes right back in with the same drumbeat again. Then he talks in Czech for a bit but I don’t know what he’s saying.

From this video you can clearly tell that Petr Cech is an awesome drummer – and he’s only been drumming for about six months. What a hero!

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