It Looks Like Peter Jones From ‘Dragon’s Den’ Is Going To Run For Prime Minister


Would you vote for him?

With Donald Trump winning the US Presidential election, it seems like there’s little point in dedicating your life to politics these days in search of the big prize – you can just be a buffoon of a TV presenter and blag yourself in there if you’ve got enough money and charisma.

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As such, it seems like all kinds of people are coming out of the woodwork and declaring their intentions for political office. The latest of these is the only surviving member of the original Dragons from ‘Dragon’s Den’, none other than millionaire Peter Jones.

Appearing on ‘This Morning’ today, Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby asked him if he would ever consider running for Prime Minister and Jones said that although he had never considered it in the past, in the last few days his whole opinion of what can and can’t be achieved has been switched on its head:

Well, to be fair to the guy, Jones comes across pretty good there and completely the opposite of someone like Donald Trump. In short, he seems to know what he’s talking about and is being pretty sensible about the whole thing.

From what he’s saying, he clearly has some kind of experience with politics in a behind the scenes capacity, wants to talk straight to people and tell it like it is and is definitely infinitely more likeable than the majority of politicians out there. I suppose I would have to look at his policies and what party he was representing before making any final decision (doubt most people would do this), but off this one interview he’s probably already the leading forerunner for the next general election.

You heard it here first, although this is obviously all dependent on if he does decide to run as he seems kind of uncertain still and just bubbling through his mind at this point. Bet he will though – people like that never shirk away from a challenge.

However, Jones might find some trouble if Stormzy actually decides to run for Prime Minister. What a race that would be.


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