Pete Doherty Just Got Caught Trying To Smuggle Heroin Through Italy

Pete Doherty

You were doing so well Pete.

Pete Doherty is well known as the singer of The Libertines and Babyshambles and also as an absolute wreck head heroin addict, but it seemed like he had conquered his demons recently after he revealed that he had gotten clean to play the reopening of the Bataclan in Paris after the recent terror attacks.

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Unfortunately Pete seems to have slipped off the wagon again if these latest reports from an Italian newspaper are true. The word is that Pete was driving through Italy to Switzerland in July when he was pulled over by the cops. In his car the police found one gram of heroin and half a gram of demerol.

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This wasn’t enough drugs to prosecute Pete, but he was also driving with an invalid license and vehicle registration certificate. He was let off with a fine for drug possession and travelling with invalid documents.

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There hasn’t been an official response from the Doherty camp yet, but let’s hope Pete can sort his life out again if he has fallen off the wagon. Nobody wants to see that happen to anyone, anywhere, let alone someone so loved and worshipped by so many. Hope it works out for you pal.

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