PETA Are Trying To Cancel Kenan & Kel’s ‘Good Burger’ Sequel For Not Having Vegan Burgers

‘Kenan And Kel’ was one of many beloved Nickelodeon 90s shows – we all love orange soda, right? – and ‘Good Burger’ was a pretty dumb and enjoyable movie that starred the below duo in slightly different but essentially the same roles as well.

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I don’t think anyone out there was really calling for a sequel to ‘Good Burger’ in 2023, but Kenan and Kel haven’t really been up to much for the last twenty five years and have decided that they’re getting back together to film one. The news was announced on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ last Friday and everyone was at least interested in it, if not super stoked.

Everyone except PETA that is. The vegan rights organisation argued that the movie shouldn’t be allowed to be made in 2023 as the pair will only be serving beef burgers at ‘Good Burger’ and not vegan versions, penning the following open letter to the two stars:

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the vegan burger – can I take your order?

That’s what we at PETA have in mind for Good Burger 2. Some things (like beef patties) are better left in the ’90s, and if Good Burger has any hope of surviving new competition in 2023, its menu will abundantly feature animal-free offerings, including meat-free burgers, dairy-free shakes, and, of course, a special secret vegan sauce.”

Given that the meat and dairy industries are causing the senseless suffering of billions of animals, destroying the planet, and wreaking havoc on human health, would you, Kenan and Kel, please use your influence to ensure that the sequel promotes kindness and sustainability with an all-vegan restaurant in the film?

I think that’s a bit much don’t you? There’s no way that the restaurant is going to be all vegan, but I have to respect PETA for jumping on this news and coming out with a stupid press release to draw more attention to their cause.

I’m fairly certain that vegan burgers can fairly easily be incorporated into the movie too – there can probably be a few gags about those burgers and they’ll at least be mentioned in the new movie too because how could they not? The dining industry really has moved on from the 90s and the wealth of vegan options available in reality reflect that.

Would seem a bit dumb not to at least mention them in passing in the movie. Even dumber for ‘Kenan And Kel’ to turn the ‘Good Burger’ sequel into a vegan propaganda movie though. Come on now PETA.

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