In a year of audacious statements, this could perhaps be the most audacious.

So a few weeks ago Courtney Love decided to call the Foo Fighters gay which I thought at the time was probably going to be the most immature comment of the year. But she has been blown out of the water by the mayor of a Peruvian coastal town Huarmey. His name is Jose Benitez and he believes that the tap water in his town is turning the residents into homosexuals!

Jose Benitez argues that this is because recent water samples in the town revealed that its water contained unusually high levels of the metal strontium which he claims can reduce testosterone levels in males and thus render them homosexual. Benitez also based his claims on a previous news report in 2000 which claimed that the entire male population (about 14,000) of the town of Tabalosos – which actually supplies Huarmey with its water – had been turned into homosexuals by the strontium in the water. Here’s what Benitez had to say about it:

‘Unfortunately strontium reduces male hormones and suddenly we’ll be as Tabalosos, as other towns, where the percentages are increasing of homosexuality. Young people have low self-esteem by this stigma.’

Benitez clearly didn’t realise that this report was obviously completely wrong and has been proven to have been a completely fabricated. Even if it this proof didn’t exist, you could probably just hang out in Tabalosos for a day and realise that the entire population of the city clearly wasn’t gay. I don’t think the population of ANY town in the world could possibly be 100% homosexual right? I doubt it could be 100% straight either.  Whatever, it doesn’t matter, the whole idea of water turning somebody gay is ridiculous to anyone that understands anything. How the hell is this Jose Benitez guy in charge of running a city? Maybe the water in the town turned everybody retarded, not gay.

And what the hell is that comment about young people at the end!?! How does this alleged ‘problem’ affect young people more than old people? This whole incident is bizarre and makes me never really want to ever visit Peru.


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