This Is Supposedly What ‘The Perfect Man’ Looks Like According To UK Women

This will make you feel 1000x better about yourself.

Here’s something that will make you feel 1000x better about yourself — this image is the result of research conducted by Jacamo surveying women around the UK on their idea of the perfect man (purely aesthetic-wise).

This is the result:


Image VIA

Really? James Corden’s face? Jonathan Ross’s legs? Maybe I genuinely have no idea what women are really into but pretty sure Jacamo need to fire all their researchers and start again from the beginning.

For comparison’s sake, here’s the image that comes up when you Google ‘the perfect woman according to men’:

Perfect Woman

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Think there’s a chance in hell that girl would hook up with the guy above? NO CHANCE. She’d much prefer a dude like the guy who plays Gaston at Disney World in Florida. Then again I’m not female so perhaps I’ve got it all wrong. Feel free to let me know.


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