People Are Tweeting About How Jeff Goldblum Is A Major Sex Pest/Creep With Young Girls

Looks like Jeff Goldblum is cancelled.

It’s been a while since a major celebrity in Hollywood has been exposed as a major creep – to the point where I thought that it might not actually be happening anymore – but it turns out the next cancellation looks like it’s going to be none other than the much loved Jeff Goldblum.

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The story started a couple of weeks when a journalist/writer called Nicole Cliffe tweeted the following and well, you’ll see where it goes:

OK, the bait was set but then it then seemed to really blow up last night for some reason:

Damn, not really sure why it blew up so hard or what’s gonna happen now, but I imagine if it’s anything to go by then an article about his indiscretions will probably be forthcoming in a couple of weeks after this journalist does his fact checking and corroborates all the stories. In the meantime there are already some creepy stories about Goldblum appearing on Twitter like the following:

I mean those aren’t really THAT bad – although it’s no doubt a little weird hitting on and hanging out with 17 year olds when you’re a grown ass man – and it’s all conjecture at this point, but it sounds like there are going to be stories a lot worse coming out at some point soon and there are going to be a lot of them from what Nicole Cliffe said. Thoughts with all the victims and those brave enough to come forward and share their stories.

For more of the same, check out this dance remix of his weird laugh in Jurassic Park. Or is that cancelled now?


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