People Think That Jeff Lowe Is Carole Baskin’s First Husband In Weirdest ‘Tiger King’ Conspiracy Theory Yet

Surely not?

I thought the hype about ‘Tiger King’ might have started to die down after that awful extra episode they screened last night, but that’s obviously not the case as another wild conspiracy theory has emerged with people arguing that Carole Baskin’s first husband Michael Murdock is actually none other than Jeff Lowe. Surely not?

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Well, that probably isn’t true but these guys on Twitter seem to think that there’s a major similarity between the two men and have even used some weird facial recognition lines to try and illustrate it. Take a look at it yourself and see what you think:

I mean they have got a point there haven’t they because the two of them definitely do look alike, but surely this can’t be what has happened in reality? That would be way too crazy surely?

Can’t someone track down this Michael Murdoch guy and find out what’s happened to him to disprove this theory? Or get a hold of Jeff Lowe’s birth certificate or something? Something must be able to be done.

For more of the same, check out this crazy conspiracy thread about ‘Tiger King’. So much going on with it.


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