People Are Now Completely Stripping And Posing Like Frozen Chickens

Frozen Chooks Featured

The ‘Frozen Chook’ is the new planking.

Remember when planking was a thing and your timeline would fill up with pictures of idiots planking in really stupid places? Remember all the dumb sub genres it spawned as well like horsemanning and batmanning?

Yeah, I too had forgotten and I’m sorry to bring them back to your attention, but it’s necessary because it’s likely that sooner or later you’re going to see someone doing the ‘Frozen Chook’ (or just ‘frozen chooking’?) on your timeline soon and you’re going to wonder just exactly what the hell is going on. It’s basically the evolution of planking and all those other dumb things that used to bother you on your timeline and it’s just as annoying.

Basically, the idea is that you take off all your clothes and then bend over in front of something in the same style as a frozen chicken. That’s it, but the Facebook page already has a whole bunch of likes and apparently it’s going viral over in New Zealand and the world is next. God help us.

Check out a a bunch of people doing the Frozen Chook in the pictures on the slideshow below. Hopefully these are the only ones you’ll ever have to see because a couple of them are funny – the one outside KFC and the one with the pig for example – but most of them are completely lame. I can only see them getting even worse a time progresses.

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Frozen Chooks 1

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