People Queued Overnight To Get Into Primark Early This Morning

It’s a monumental day here in the UK as lockdown restrictions eased even further and the retail sector re-opened and a whole bunch of people were clearly happy about this as they queued overnight to get into Primark this morning at 8am.

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I know I’ve said this when both McDonald’s and IKEA re-opened, but I really can’t believe some of the videos that are going around social media this morning of the massive queues that were present at 8am this morning when Primark officially opened its doors. There are also people out there saying that they queued overnight to get in there early this morning.

Completely nuts:

You get the picture – this isn’t just at one Primark store, it’s literally happening at every single one all over the country. Most people are fairly curious about this, saying things like ‘how could you need a five pound pair of trousers so badly that you need to do this’ and whilst this was my initial reaction, I suppose you have to think that there are people out there that desperately need new clothes and haven’t been able to get them at this price for the last three months as Primark doesn’t deliver.

I still think they probably could have waited for the queues to die down this afternoon or maybe even leave it until tomorrow, but I do have some respect for the fact that Primark might be their only option due to their financial situation. Be kinder.

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