People Are Losing Their Minds Over The Government’s Suggestion A Ballet Dancer Retrains For A Job In ‘Cyber’

What the fuck is cyber?

Rishi Sunak wasn’t very popular last week when he suggested that those in the arts who were affected by Coronavirus and no longer able to work should retrain for roles in other fields and once again the government have failed to read the mood of the country by doubling down on this statement with one of the most ridiculous adverts they’ve released yet where the suggest a ballet dancer retrains for a career in ‘cyber’, whatever that means.

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It seems almost too obvious that an advert like this was going to piss the majority of the population off, but once again this government has decided to send another signal of how utterly clueless they are about pretty much everything by allowing it to go out. Not only is it triggering for artists that look like they might end up having to leave the careers that they’ve spent their whole lives developing, it also uses the word ‘cyber’ in an attempt to be futuristic and edgy even though that would have been outdated twenty years ago.

You couldn’t make it up and people obviously took to Twitter to vent their frustrations:

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Yeah, don’t think that I can say it more eloquently than that last guy there so I’m not even gonna try. Does honestly amaze me how a government can get everything they do so consistently wrong though. Really is impressive.

EDIT – OK in fairness it’s been pointed out to me that this poster and the campaign was actually from last year and not a continuation of Rishi’s speech from last week. It’s still a pile of dogshit though and shows the level of contempt that the government currently holds for the arts, although I suppose it is encouraging people to retrain which can be useful as there’s often a stigma against it. The whole campaign is still completely tone deaf and condescending and I’m standing by everything else I said in this article too.

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