Incredibly Shallow People Are Falling In Love Via Zoom, Only To Be Repulsed When Meeting In Real Life

It’s just not the same.

I think we’re all aware that 2020 has been a weird year for dating, with many people resorting to using Zoom as a platform because they’re unable to meet up in public because of the pandemic.

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Whilst there are probably a whole bunch of people that have managed to find their true love via this method, there are also a few people that thought they had found the one only to meet up with them in person and find that the chemistry that they shared online just wasn’t there. Thankfully, these incredibly shallow people decided to share their stories with The New York Times, leading to the following hilarious quotes:

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After video dating for four months, their comfort level increased and their conversations became more intimate.

“I don’t think I’ve talked to someone on the phone for that long since I was a middle schooler,” Ms. Boykins said. “We learned so much about each other and spent so long talking to each other that it felt like we were in a relationship.”

Surprisingly, the in-person chemistry did not match the chemistry felt over the course of four months of video dates.

But when it came time to hug, Ms. Boykins instantly noticed something felt off. For the remainder of the evening, they did not touch. When the date ended, she was met with a text from Allie saying that the vibe in person felt friendly.

Another issue with video dating is unmet physical expectations. When Catalina Mejia, a 24-year-old bilingual journalist in Washington, met up with a guy she had been regularly communicating with on FaceTime for a month and half, she was shocked to find he was shorter than she had expected.

Ms. Oud suggests showing yourself fully by standing up and turning around for a clear view of how you look, even if it feels awkward.

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Lol this is so good. The first one is especially funny because it sounds like Ms Boykins (great name) was callously ditched by Allie via text message and is just trying to style it out by saying that she knew something was off by the way that they hugged at the start, almost like she’s trying to pre-empt it and say she felt it too but everyone reading can tell by what she’s saying that it was 100% Allie’s choice and she’s 100% gutted about it and probably crying into her pillow every night. Sorry Ms Boykins, but I guess that’s just Zoom dating.

Ms. Oud’s story is even better. ‘Oh I’ve been talking to this guy for ages and I really liked him, but when I met up with him he was just too short so it was a no go’. It’s just so superficial I love it. And then she’s so worried that this might happen again that she’s probably going to make all her future Zoom dates stand up so she can vet their height before they meet up in person so she doesn’t waste any more time with short people! The audacity of these people trying to trick a true diamond like Ms Oud, honestly.

Did the people who contributed to this article not realise that it was going to make them look completely awful? I suppose they don’t really mind if they’re the kind of people who are gonna discount someone because they’re too short or don’t hug properly, but even so you might think they’re a bit more self aware than that. Good luck to them finding love on Zoom because it sounds like they’re definitely going to need it.

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