People Are Saying That Ashley Young Is Giving Better Coronavirus Advice Than The UK Government

Who would have thought?

Ashley Young has never been one of the most popular or prolific players out there, but he absolutely killed it for the English World Cup team back in 2018 and enjoyed a fair few reasons at Manchester United, winning a decent haul of medals – he just never had that A-list persona I don’t think.

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However, the Coronavirus crisis has thrust him back into the spotlight as people are bizarrely commending him for giving better advice than the UK government during the pandemic and even though it’s really weird those people are completely and utterly right. Young is currently plying his trade at Inter Milan, placing him smack bang in the centre of the Italian outbreak, and he decided to share his thoughts and advice for staying safe and halting the pandemic:

I mean wow, what a succinct, understandable and more importantly reasonable way of communicating information and getting people to stay safe and be sensible. Get him a job as a comms guy at 10 Downing Street. Boris Johnson could probably take a few tips off him right?

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