Here’s What Happens When Two Pensioners Get ‘The Horn’ And Just Can’t Hold Back (VIDEO)


The horn is real.

It seems like I’m writing the phrase ‘sometimes you just can’t wait to get down to business’ on this site at least once a month these days, and here’s another example of a couple that just couldn’t wait once again in the video below.

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This time we’re over in Brooklyn, where for some reason these old age pensioners couldn’t even make it back into their apartment to enjoy each other’s companies and instead decide to go at it in the doorway of their place for everyone on the street to watch and enjoy, or indeed videotape:

Whoa. I’m glad that’s all blurred out because I probably didn’t need to see everything that was going on there. You’ve gotta admit that they guy is kind of a badass though as he seems to be clearly looking at the people filming him and even shouts at them at the end, but he just keeps getting down to business without a care in the world. What the hell is the story with this guy eh?

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