A Pensioner Who Said Bad Sex Was Worse Than COVID Has Contracted The Virus

Stop being idiots.

It seems like there are a whole load of stories of people doing and saying dumb things about Coronavirus and then contracting it coming out this week – is it a coincidence that they’re just about to make wearing masks in shops mandatory over here?

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The latest sad tale concerns 73 year old Serbian singer Andrija Ojdanic, who said that he would rather die of COVID than stay indoors without sex for three months. The artist is known as somewhat of a womaniser despite his age, and wrote the following statement online when the lockdown came into play in his home country:

Better to die of coronavirus (COVID-19) than not have good sex in three months.

At least he’s wearing a mask I suppose – although this didn’t turn out too well for him as he revealed a couple of days ago that he’s actually contracted the disease. He wrote the following on Facebook explaining his situation:

I am in the Dragisha Mishovic Hospital, it is true that I have the virus but I am feeling all right.

I don’t have any symptoms, I am not in discomfort and I am not coughing or sneezing. I’ve had a high temperature for the last couple of days, but now I feel fine.

Doctors did an X-ray on my lungs and everything looks good. What can I say? This is crazy, you all take good care of yourselves.

Let’s hope he’s OK, right?

He’s also moved to deny that he ended up contracting the virus from going out shagging younger women during the pandemic, instead positing that he picked it up from his son – who also tested positive for the virus – when they were both attending an event at a hotel. He probably shouldn’t have been doing that either, but I doubt he’s the only one who got into some trouble during lockdown so let’s not rag on him too much about that. Just wear a mask FFS yeah?


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