Pedal To The Metal!

An alternative for those who want to cruise on a budget!

There is no doubt that we all want to cruise around the neighbourhood in a shit hot super cool sports car, but in today’s market we’re lucky if we can jump start a Saxo and make it to the Co-Op.  However help is at hand thanks to an Austrian artist who has created a pedal powered version of the Ferrari.

Hannes Langedar has basically surrounded a bicycle with a lightweight frame to emulate that of a Ferrari.  The combination of plastic and light weight steel is controlled with pedals and holds an astonishing 11 gears.

Named the Fahrradi Farfall FFX, which is inspired by the Italian for butterfly due to its weightless silent motion, the make shift super car took a year to create.  The car has been confirmed as road safe and is currently on display at an automotive exhibition in Austria.

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Weighing in at 11 kilos you may need some pedal power to get it going, but imagine how cool you’ll look as you cruise round the streets, well until the chain comes off anyway!


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