Best New Tumblr Find – PC Hipsta

PC Hipsta

A policeman who is also a hipster – and uses his job to facilitate his lifestyle.

The hipster policeman meme went around for a bit a couple of weeks ago when a policeman with a beard and a moustache was photographed looking cool and predictably became a source of humour on the internet. Like most memes it died out after about a day, but one dude decided to keep it going in the form of a comic strip on his tumblr and he’s actually pretty much nailed it.

There are only about 10 of them so far – which you can read on the slideshow – but there’s probably going to be a load more up soon so if you’re into it add it to your favourite tumblrs or something. Unless Charles Bronson finally succeeds in killing all hipsters that is.

PC Hipsta 1

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