Paul McCartney And Nirvana Wasn’t Actually That Bad

Paul McCartney Nirvana

I take it back, it was better than the Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration and Take That’s version of Smells Like Teen Spirt. It still wasn’t great though.

Paul McCartney Nirvana

So I went kinda apeshit yesterday about Paul McCartney playing with the remaining members of Nirvana because it JUST WASN’T RIGHT and I didn’t get why Paul McCartney had to get involved with everything and ruin most of it. I even suggested with my tongue firmly in my cheek (which a few people seemed to fail to realise) that Gary Barlow may have done a better job than old Macca, based on an old Take That performance of Smells Like Teen Spirit.  A lot of people seemed to agree with my opinion (not on the G.Barlow thing, just that Paul McCartney and Nirvana was a bad idea) but I also got quite a few trolls and a couple of people even emailed my personal account complaining about it. I can’t really reply to anyone who trolled me because there were seriously loads but I would like to thank everyone for their comments and let them know that they were well received.

Anyway, despite rumours that it might have been a hoax or whatever, Paul McCartney did actually front a Nirvana reunion last night at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert and they played a couple of classics like Smells Like Teen Spirt and Lithium before leaving the stage. IT WAS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT AND I WAS OUTRAGED!!!! Just kidding, they didn’t actually play any Nirvana songs they just played one song that they had been jamming together called ‘Cut Me Some Slack.’ McCartney played a bunch of solo songs first (he obviously has to be on stage solo at some point to feed his huge ego kinda like the time when he refused to play Live Aid unless he got to open AND close the show on this own) with his backing band and then introduced the members of Nirvana about halfway through the set. He made the same joke that he made in the papers yesterday about not realising he was in the middle of a Nirvana reunion which came out slightly more endearingly when told in person (although he almost pronounces Nirvana wrong?) and then the other guys hit the stage. McCartney introduced them by name which I found kinda funny considering yesterday he was saying he didn’t even know who they were and they ripped into ‘Cut Me Some Slack.’

I’m not really sure what to say about the song. It’s nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be but it isn’t exactly that good either. I guess it follows the same kinda grunge Nirvana formula (you know, a heavyish riff and then repeating the same phrase/melody over and over again) that I guess they made famous with maybe a bit of Soundgarden thrown in. Paul McCartney’s vocals do sound a bit out of place but he sounds a lot better doing a Kurt Cobain esque growl than I thought he would. Although there’s one bit towards the end where he does  some woah oh’s which just sound really stupid. Most of the rest of the song is OK though, and it’s kinda cool at the end when it goes fast too. There’s some pretty cool slide on the song from Paul and Pat Smear too. I guess I probably shouldn’t have got so angry yesterday when it was announced because it turned out half decent, but it just seemed so WRONG yesterday when I first heard about it. Still, it’s cool when people prove you wrong so props to Paul McCartney and Nirvana. Can’t wait to hear it on record. Check out a video of the song below and let us know what you think about it:

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