Geeky Fallout Boy singer Patrick Stump transforms himself into an R&B superstar with the premiere of his new video for Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)

Patrick Stump, the vocalist/guitarist from one of the best POP punk bands of the late 2000’s Fallout Boy (Pete Wentz just played bass you douches), has finally released his highly anticipated debut EP Truant Wave on Itunes, along with his first video for the song Spotlight (Oh Nostaligia).

As promised, Stump has ditched the guitars and pop punk and brought in some sampled drums and pianos and become a kinda cool/geeky version of an R & B singer. He also looks a lot thinner and kinda normal for once in this video. Kinda like he could be Daniel Bedingfield or something. The video is awesome, it’s like one of those old Microsoft adverts where people are doing loads of cool shit, like somersaults on pogo sticks and kind of reminds me of that awesome 30 Seconds to Mars video from last year, although obviously not as good. Check it out:



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