Drunk Partygoers Confuse Actual Police Officers For Strippers

Police strippers

It’s an easy mistake to make.

A couple of police officers were left disgruntled recently after they turned up at a party to deal with a noise complaint, only to be confused as call-in strippers.

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The 50th birthday party over in Bendorf, Germany, had become a little bit rowdy, with a group of women in particular causing a lot of noise. When the police department were issued a complaint, they went over to the marquee to sort it out.

However, when they arrived, they were “cheered by the crowd” who thought that the strippers had rocked up. The police statement said how “approximately 10 tipsy women” were explained to several times that they were genuine law enforcement, although apparently the girls were having none of it and kept asking to pose for pictures with them.

Police strippers

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The officers eventually gave up trying to explain and instead took the birthday girl’s phone number. The statement said that:

This boosted the amusement of the ladies sky high.

I wish I could get a copy of the entire police report, as it sounds pretty damn funny. Anyway, the drunkards eventually piped down when they saw the police car sat outside. What a hangover that must’ve been.

At least that all sounds like a fairly chilled out and amusing booze-related story. Unlike this one of a drunk dickhead trying to start a fight with a professional MMA player before getting knocked out to fuck.


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