Watch The Moment A Party Gets Ruined In A Matter Of Seconds

Spill red wine

Game over.

There’s not any information surrounding this video, but you don’t really need much of a backstory aside from the fact that for this group of buddies, their party was annihilated at the drop of a hat. Or spill of a drink should I say.

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In the footage you can see that someone has racked up seven absolute fatties on an iPhone. Everyone in the background sounds pretty excited about the massive line they’re about to huff, but before anyone gets the chance, disaster strikes:

That was painful to watch. It’s amazing how swiftly one night can turn from exuberant and exciting to utterly shit at the spill of a drink. Whoever did that must’ve had to call the dealer back ASAP to rectify the situation, although that’s a lot of bugle. It can’t have been a cheap save.

Or maybe they should’ve just laid off the coke and stuck with the booze instead. It’s probably a much better idea in the long run.


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