New LAD App ‘Party Hype’ Promises To Find You The Sexiest Girls And Hottest Clubs In Town

Officially the shittest app ever.

“Party Hype” is a new social media app created and ran by Party Planner/Economics graduate Ania Frankowska and it’s really pissing people off. The aim of the app is to promise the user the ability to catch eligible singles in the club and of course it’s filled with only the most good-looking people and the coolest venues. Basically, the app claims it’ll find you the hottest girls in town and help you hook up with them. The app incorporates aspects of Tinder, Instagram and Trip Advisor to allow you to see what’s happening where, how busy places are, and where to hook up with other clubbers. When speaking about the app Ania claims,

We have established relations with all Mayfair West End clubs and some big DJs. MR. Saccardo is helping promote us and he has over 150 thousand followers on soundcloud.

Fuck off mate.

How this app selects only the “most good-looking” people I don’t know, but I can only imagine decisions are made by a group of chino clad wankers between discussions of their time travelling around south east Asia on their gap year or submitting content to websites like UniLad.

Cheeky Nandos

Despite it’s obvious accessibility to a wide majority of students (note the sarcasm) after its launch at The London School of Economics freshers’ fair, the app was banned by the union. LSE claims that the app would strengthen the alcohol fuelled lad culture they were trying to combat. Honestly though, it sounds like a great idea to me. It means this app alone will round up all the dickheads that will actually pay money for an app like this and means I can go party with all the actually chillers.

Anyway why would we want to use anything bar tinder when we can find some actual gems on there like these?


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