Parents Sell 18 Day Old Baby To Fund iPhone Purchase; Had No Idea It Was Illegal

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Ethics and values in 2016.

Over in China, a young couple sold their 18 day old baby in order to buy themselves an iPhone and a motorbike.

The pair – who were 19 and ‘underage’ respectively – decided to sell their baby girl and started advertising her on Chinese messenger service QQ, pretty much the day after she was born. It didn’t take them long to find an interested buyer, who wanted the girl for his sister to raise apparently.

The couple were overjoyed to get rid of their baby and planned to go on a spending spree with their earnings. Ethics and values in 2016 people.

However, things haven’t turned out as well for them as they had hoped. The police managed to track down the couple fairly promptly and arrested them both for their actions – the father received three years and the mother received a two and a half year suspended sentence as she was yet to complete her schooling.

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Shockingly though, it seems like the baby was sold by the father without her mother’s consent, but even more shockingly it seems like she wasn’t even that bothered about this, saying the following:

I myself was adopted, and many people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know that it was illegal.

Riiiight. Perhaps the most shocking twist in this story is yet to come though, as when the online buyer heard of the couple’s arrest he too came forward to turn himself in, although it’s not yet known if he received a jail sentence. The judge however still let his sister take the baby and raise it as her own, due to the unloved situation she found herself in and the jail sentences her parents are now looking at.

What a completely messed up story. Everyone involved got sent to jail for facilitating a transaction that’s completely messed up, but the girl still got to keep the baby at the end of it. Not sure who is in the right and who is in the wrong here, but yeah, it’s completely weird and screwed up.

At least the girl didn’t flush her baby down the toilet, like this one Chinese girl.


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