Watch This Paranoid Schizophrenic Run Around Toronto Stabbing Random People

Random Stabbing

Scary shit.

Here’s your daily warning that you can never be too careful, even when you’re just walking around a massive city minding your own business.

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Over in Toronto, a ‘paranoid schizophrenic mentally ill’ man named Shawn O’Neill thought that there was no better way to spend his day back in January 2015 than to run around the city and randomly stab people passing him in the street. That’s not my idea of a mid afternoon stroll.

The description of what happened to his victims makes the whole thing even more terrifying:

The first person Shawn O’Neill stabbed was Christopher Young. He plunged a kitchen knife into his lower right abdomen. John Tedesco was jogging past minutes later when O’Neill drove the same knife into the small of his back. Sally Kaack, an Australian ballerina, was next. The blade punctured her right lung. Finally it was Jennifer Tran, a St. Mike’s hospital resident walking home from a night shift. O’Neill stabbed her through her winter coat and the knife broke against an iPhone in her left breast pocket, above her heart. Police later called it “a rampage.”

Yeah, that does not look like fun at all. It’s so rank how the second victim kinda sees something is up and tries to walk as far away from him as possible to avoid him but he just closes in on them and goes for it. Scary.

None of his victims were seriously injured, but they all bear tremendous psychological scars from the event with many of them suffering stress and anxiety just at the thought of going outside. You can’t really blame them can you? O’Neill himself was institutionalised following the attacks.

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