Pandas Ruling London Streets


Pandas are really fvcking awesome and they recently headed into the streets of London for a pint and a smoke.


Pandas are awesome, right? They’ve got to be up there on the coolest animals on the planet list with the blobfish, the yeti crab, the Aye-aye, the puss caterpillar and everyone’s favourite dude, the sloth. If you haven’t heard of/seen any of those animals then Google that shit, but I expect most of you have seen a sloth before. If not, then you had a really fvcking awful childhood/adulthood and you need to sit back and watch some Ice Age because the sloth on there looks disgustingly realistic and you’ll have a good idea of what sloths act like and talk like. Fvck Attenborough, Ice Age is all you need to satisfy your animal kingdom needs. Attenborough’s good for a bit of bestiality but that’s about it.

So, yeah, we’ve come to the conclusion that everyone loves pandas which makes all of this so much more awesome. Nearly as awesome as finding money in your bag of crisps (remember the cool days when we were all happy and this shit happened?) but nothing is ever actually that good but this does come pretty close. Here’s a fact for you: it’s National Panda Week. I know, I didn’t even know this existed, either. I mean, compared to Steak & Blowjob Day this has been kept pretty much on the backburner but it shouldn’t have been because it’s a really cool thing to be a part of. As these guys show.

I dunno who let them out of the zoo or anything but that doesn’t really matter because it seems like they behaved themselves and no-one got mauled to death and I bet they were just really happy to get some freedom for a change. In all seriousness, though, the giant panda is one of the most endangered species on the planet so kudos to these guys for opening people’s eyes up to the plight of a fvcking boss of an animal. 108 of these guys (the exact number left on earth) descended onto Trafalgar Square, and London itself, and basically just had a bit of a laugh and a chirpse and managed to let people know about National Panda Week. Check it.

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Did anybody manage to catch any of this happening? If you did, let us know what it was like. Looks pretty legit.


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