You Can Get Paid $10,000 To Tour The Best BBQ Joints In The US For Two Weeks



Even if you’re a vegan, there’s no denying that BBQ is one of the best styles of food out there and no denying that the best BBQ is found in the southern states of America where it all began, so if someone was to tell you you could earn $10,000 for touring them all over a two week period, I’m sure you would be interested, no?

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Yeah I thought you might. The opportunity is being offered by Reynolds Wrap – a durable kitchen staple known for locking in delicious flavours apparently -who are looking to hire a Chief Grilling Officer. Here’s the job spec:

We’re on a mission here at Reynolds Wrap to identify the best grilling techniques and tips to share with backyard grillers.

We’re looking for a truly passionate grilling enthusiast to lead the way across the country and discover hidden grilling gems.


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Basically, they’re offering you $10,000 to travel to the best BBQ spots in the US with a lucky guest, along with pre paid travel and lodging over a two week period. Sounds like an absolute dream holiday to be honest. All you need to do to enter is write 100 words about why you should be considered, along with a photograph of their ‘best original grilling’, whatever that means. You might as well enter.

Unfortunately – and this really is the kicker – you have to be over 21 years old and a resident of the US to apply, so I imagine most people reading this won’t be eligible. Shout out to our US audience though – go win this one for me and then pick me as your lucky guest. Please.

For more BBQ, check out this BBQ bacon sushi you can make pretty easily yourself. Maybe use that as your best grilling photo? Thank  me later.


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