VIDEO: Paedophile Gets Dragged From Girl’s Toilets And Savagely Beaten By Victim’s Father

Paedophile Savagely Beaten

Justice served.

A video from Cancun, Mexico has emerged today of an alleged paedophile getting the absolute crap kicked out of him by the father of a young girl he is said to have assaulted.

In the footage, the 23 year old paedophile – known only as Bernabe N – was dragged out of the female toilets with his pants around his ankles, allegedly by the father of the girl he is accused of assaulting. He then gets savagely beaten on the floor by the man and a few other people.

Bernabe was accused of attacking the young girl when she walked into the cubicle. She said that he grabbed her and threw her to the floor, pulled down his trousers and tried to climb on top of her. Fortunately though, her father heard her screams which resulted in the scenes below:

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Both Bernabe and the father were arrested following the incident and it’s not known what has happened to them since then. Obviously there’s no real way to confirm whether or not Bernabe is a paedophile from this video, but judging by the fact that it’s being widely circulated accompanied by this story we can assume that there’s some truth in it.

For the father to be beating him that hard he’s got to have done something pretty bad too. He didn’t get the shit kicked out of him as bad as this alleged paedophile crashing a child’s birthday party in Brazil though. That’s a bad one.


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