Watch This Paedo Get Busted After Buying Condoms To Have Sex With 11-Year-Old Girl

Mark McKenna


Another day, another paedophile tracked down by a vigilante group. This time it was the turn of 38-year-old Mark McKenna, who was trying to have sex with an 11-year-old girl.

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The man, who was even engaged to be married, had been to Bluewater centre in Kent to buy condoms for his meeting with a young girl while his fiancé was on a hen do.

However, paedo hunter group ‘The Hunted One had actually been the ones chatting to him, and they tracked him down before he could cause any damage. Prior to the meeting McKenna had sent a load of dick pics and even a video to what he thought was the young girl. What a sick mother fucker.

Can’t believe he even tries to quibble his way around his status going public. If you’re worried about your kid and fiancé at home, then you shouldn’t be messing around with 11-year-old girls. End of.

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