Pablo Escobar’s Son Claims The Drug Lord Killed Himself To Save Their Family


Another conspiracy theory surrounding his death.

Up until now we’ve always just assumed that the famous narco kingpin, Pablo Escobar, was shot dead by the police. In fact, the official version of events state that he was fatally shot down in a rooftop shootout on December 2nd 1993.

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However, his son Sebastian Marroquin has made sensational new claims that his dad committed suicide in order to save his family from being kidnapped. In a recent interview, the son, formerly known as Juan Pablo Escobar, claims that the drug lord shot himself in the head. This is obviously pretty big news – normally it would be taken with a giant pinch of salt, but the fact that it’s his son gives the information a far higher possibility of truth.


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Marroquin accused coroners of faking the autopsy to fit their version of events and said that the US government apparently bought coke from Escobar and used his drug empire to bankroll the fight against communism:

I have the absolute certainty that my father committed suicide.

Coroners who did the autopsy were threatened and forced to change the official report.

My father always told me the shot that would take his life would stick.

The claims are included in his new book ‘Pablo Escobar: In Fraganti’. Marroquin added that his father was a family man, hence why he committed suicide to save them from being snatched by enemies, including rival gang Los Pepes:

He wept when taking leave of the whole family. As if sensing that was the last time he would see us alive.


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Well, those are certainly huge claims to make about the head of one of the largest drug cartels in history. Question is, how does he even have this evidence? I guess there’s only one way to find out and that’s to buy his book – Marroquin’s marketing ploy has worked a treat.

One thing we know for certain is that Pablo Escobar was definitely a family man – if you don’t believe me, just check out these pictures of him at Disneyworld.


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