P Diddy Made An A+ Cologne Advert Except It Just Got Banned Because He’s Having Sex With Cassie In It (NSFW)

P Diddy = big time mogul moves.

If any of us were releasing an advert for our own cologne brand, we’d probably hire a pair of models to star in it and get it on or whatever. Not P Diddy though — he’ll be the star of his own adverts every time, and you’re going to watch him have sex with his girlfriend and like it:

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Wear 3am cologne = get laid seems to be the core message (like all cologne adverts I guess). Too bad the video just got banned because TV execs decided people don’t really want to watch P Diddy and his dad bod have sex with a woman 20 years younger than him. Oh well, looks like he had fun filming it at least.


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