Owen Hargreaves, in a bid to find a new club has uploaded fitness videos of himself training onto Youtube. No joke. Watch Owen Hargreaves kick a ball and run on a treadmill. Seriously.

In what must go down as one of the most desperate moves in the history of professional football, Owen Hargreaves has signed up to Youtube and uploaded a bunch of fitness videos of him training in a bid to prove to potential football clubs that might employ him that he is actually match fit with the hope that they offer him a contract. This is probably even more embarrassing than that stupid dossier that Michael Owen released a couple of years ago that everyone laughed about. Although that did land him a contract at Manchester United. Unfortunately this isn’t an option for Owen Hargreaves, having just been released by the great club.

Does anyone think that Owen Hargreaves uploading videos of himself training and working on his fitness is going to get him picked up by a club? I mean is anyone really going to take a shot on a crock like Owen Hargreaves? Sure everyone loved him during World Cup 2006, but that was about five years ago and he’s probably only played about 40 games since then. Despite arriving with a bigger medal collection than anyone at Old Trafford, Owen Hargreaves was largely anonymous during his first season, except for one really sick free kick against Arsenal, and then barely ever featured due to one crippling injury after another.

Surely if a manager is thinking about taking a gamble on Owen Hargreaves they’re not going to be swayed by some really short videos of him training, right? It just doesn’t make any sense. Like, anyone with a brain knows that Owen Hargreaves could have just edited them or included the best ones to make him look good? Does Owen Hargreaves think because of these videos he won’t have to pass a medical at a new club? If he does then he’s retarded, but I guess Owen Hargreaves is a Canadian who’s lived in Germany all his life but plays for England and has a really weird voice so it’s possible.

Anyway onto the juice: here are some of the best videos of Owen Hargreaves training:

This is a really cool one of Owen Hargreaves kicking a ball really hard. Then somebody says ‘good save.’ We don’t actually see the save. Brilliant.


Here’s one of Owen Hargreaves running through some cones a bunch of times. It’s entitled Owen Hargreaves comeback, which is optimistic:


This is probably my favourite, Owen Hargreaves runs on a treadmill for two minutes and then stops. That’s it:


Here’s a pretty cool one of Owen Hargreaves using a resistance band on that tricky hamstring in the gym. A dude is shouting at him in this one telling him to ‘SWITCH’ and ‘REST’:


Here’s a cool one of him doing some disco dancing with another resistance band in a field. This one is particularly great as you can’t even see Owen Hargreaves’ face in it so it might not even be him!


Has Owen Hargreaves completely lost it in an attempt to prove his fitness? Probably. In any case, Owen Hargreaves’ youtube channel can be found here and is constantly being updated so make sure you subscribe to see more great videos like the ones featured in this post.

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