Oscar Pistorius’ Ex-Girlfriend Visits His Bedside As He Recovers From Attempted Suicide

pistorius Edkins

An unlikely ally.

Oscar Pistorius was rushed to hospital recently after he sustained wrist injuries, allegedly from self-harming in his jail cell.

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Whether this is for the sympathy vote or not we do not know, although one person who definitely does feel pity for the guy is his ex-girlfriend Jenna Edkins who he had an on-off relationship with for five years. If I were her, I’d stay well away from Oscar – we all know he doesn’t have the best history with blonde, model girlfriends, am I right?

Pistorius Edkins

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Oscar’s brother also came to his help and visited him at Kalafong hospital where he is being treated for his injuries. Carl Pistorius said:

Jenna and I have… seen Oscar and he is doing well under the circumstances. He is in good spirit.

I reckon people are going to be pretty pissed that Oscar is getting attention from his ex-girlfriend considering he is in jail for shooting Reeva Steenkamp in the face. Doesn’t really seem fair does it?

Reeva Steenkamp

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And as for this Jenna girl, what is she playing at? She has shown pretty strong support for her former boyfriend, and even showed up to court dates to offer him a shoulder to cry in. Does she not know why he was in court in the first place? Leave him alone mate.

Just seems like with regards to this whole murder case, justice will never fully be served. Not only was Oscar handed an extremely lenient jail sentence, but he’s actually finding prison easy this time round.


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