Oprah Just Made $12 Million From This One Tweet

This is outrageous.

According to Market Watch, Oprah Winfrey picked up a ridiculous $12 million for simply Tweeting about how she was able to lose weight and still eat bread.

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She didn’t even have to use all 140 characters. Look:

An hour after she sent the Tweet, Weight Watchers shares climbed over $2 a share, and since Oprah owns roughly 6 million shares, the surge in share prices made her $12 million just like that.

Surely this shouldn’t even be legal? I mean there’s just no way anyone can say this is OK. It’s like some sort of rich and famous inside trading that no one else is allowed to profit from. Oprah can just jump on Twitter and say whatever and make $12 million? Fuck that.

Not to mention the Tweet itself is probably full of shit. No way she’s eating as much bread as she says she is and losing weight. I don’t care who you are, you can’t lose weight by eating bread every day especially at her age. So not only is Oprah lying to all our faces she’s also getting super rich off it. At least let some of us common folk get in on the share action too. Maybe let us know next time you’re about to drop one of these Tweets for some random company? Cheers.

P.S. Kinda fitting this Tweet comes from the lady who once said fat girls shouldn’t wear crop tops.


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