Opera Singer’s Flatulence Costs Her Job

Farting can be a pleasurable wonder and a delight, or it can be devastating. Here’s how Amy Herbst had her career ruined via trouser coughs…

Farting is part of the joy of being human. There are plenty of people that would turn their noses up at a public fart; some may even go as far as to berate a perfect stranger who let out an errant guff on a bus. But if someone were to come up to me and say “I never enjoy farting, not even in the privacy of my own home or toilet” I will call them a liar and never speak their name again.

So, farting can be fun, but as opera singer Amy Herbst has found out it can be a literal and metaphorical bummer. Of all the places to let a brown cloud escape, the opera has to be one of the worst, especially if you’re up on stage and amplified etc.

Poor Herbst had an operation last year whilst giving birth and since then has had nowhere near enough control over her nether regions. She’s liable to pass wind (and sometimes solids) unannounced. And I can imagine that if you’re pushing for a high note that’s only going to exacerbate the problem.

Amy Herbst - Singer - Farts Job 2

She had an episiotomy at Fort Campbell’s Blanchfield Army Community Hospital last year and is now attempting to sue. An episiotomy is a pretty regular operation during child birth. They cut the perineum (between the V and the A) to effectively enlarge the flange. It’s better to cut it preemptively rather than let it tear of its own accord, because that takes a lot longer to heal and who knows where the tear will stop. Sorry if you were eating.

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