OnlyFans Model Shares Message From ‘Creep’ Uncle Who Found Her Account


Porn star and OnlyFans model Karlie Brooks managed to go 5 years without her family discovering what she does for a living, but she finally decided to come clean after a creepy DM from her uncle who came across (so to speak) one of her videos.

Really not the sort of text you want to be receiving from a family member…

“Hey kiddo!” – Yikes. I don’t think he could have come up with a creepier opener if he tried. He then basically admits that he jerked it to his niece’s video, and asks if she knows Riley Reid? Um yeah dude she’ll introduce you guys right away, no worries!

@karliebrooksxx I. Am. Cringing 🤮 #CloseYourRings #fypage ♬ original sound – boiwhatdahelllboi1

Turns out Karlie didn’t have much to worry about as far as revealing her profession to her parents, as they’ve thrown their full support behind her. She later shared a text from her mum (a Mormon no less) that said ‘we love you and are proud of you’. Her mum also says Karlie’s father is planning on taking a restraining order out on her uncle, which is probably a good idea.

For the Leamington Spa bar worker who texted a model after getting her number from Test & Trace, click HERE. Didn’t quite go to plan.


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