OnlyFans Model Says Ex Partner Refuses To Pay Child Support But Subscribes To Her Channel

Deadbeat dad.

I don’t think that there’s anything worse than a deadbeat dad refusing to pay child support for their kid, but then you hear about this guy who not only does that but instead chooses to use the money to subscribe to his ex girlfriend’s OnlyFans account.

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The news was revealed by mother Kendra who decided to post the story on TikTok obviously, explaining that her baby daddy could afford to pay the court ordered child maintenance but instead uses it to pay for her nudes instead. Here’s what she had to say about it:

@misskendra000 I’d like to pick a new bd 😫 #deadbeat #babydaddy #singlemom ♬ Frolic (From “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) – London Music Works

When your baby daddy subscribes to your onlyf4ns, but then can’t afford to pay his court-ordered child support.

I’d like to pick a new bd.

Fair enough really isn’t it, although a surprisingly large amount of people in the comments have chimed in saying that he’s technically paying it by subscribing to her OnlyFans in the first place. Not really sure if you can legitimately say that he’s paying for child support when he’s actually paying for explicit content, but I suppose there is some kind of argument there on his side.

I think really that you’ve gotta look at your pride in this situation and think whether or not you want people knowing that you’re the kinda of loser that gets into a dumb debate like this with their ex partner. Don’t think anyone is really going to take your side in that one mate. Grow up, pay the woman and get over it.

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