One Person Dead And Two Injured In Water Buffalo Attack In Wales


If you were going to guess ac country where someone had been killed by a water buffalo, then I’m pretty sure that Wales would probably be somewhere near the bottom of the list because I mean, what the hell is a water buffalo doing in Wales?

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Well, apparently there are 42 of them registered in the country – or at least there were – and one of them decided to go rogue somehow at a commercial address near Usk and attack three people, with one 57 year old man ending up dead after the incident. A 19 year old man and a 22 year old woman were taken to hospital to receive treatment.

Whoa. Definitely not the thought of thing I thought I would be writing about when I woke up today, but  I suppose all kinds of crazy events are happening during this Coronavirus pandemic. I guess as well due to ‘Tiger King’ we know that weirdoes all over the world have animals locked up in their private collections for their own enjoyment, but even so I was surprised to hear about so many water buffaloes living in Wales. It’s just not something you would ever consider really is it?

The police confirmed that the water buffalo had been destroyed following the incident. The man and woman’s injuries were both not thought to be life threatening either. RIP the 57 year old though. Bet he never saw that coming either.

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