One Dead, Two Injured After Lawnmower Pulling Wheelchair Along Road Hits Truck Head On

Wilbert J Borque Jr

You couldn’t make it up.

Over in Rayne, Louisiana, one of the most unimaginable accidents ever has ended in tragedy after one man died and two were injured when a lawnmower pulling a wheelchair hit a truck. I’ll let you envision how stupid that looks for a second before proceeding.

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OK cool got it? Nice. OK, so this 41 year old dude Wilbert J. Bourque Jr was riding on top of the lawnmower on its hood and ended up dying, whilst the other guy was sitting in a wheelchair and being pulled along behind it. The pair were hit by a Ford truck from behind heading east on American Legion Drive.

Bourque was airlifted to Acadia General Hospital along with the guy riding in the wheelchair, but later died. The unnamed guy driving the Ford truck was airlifted to a different facility Lafayette General Hospital. Both he and the wheelchair guy are listed in stable condition.

Truck Accident

Rayne Chief of Police Carroll J. Stelly says that the investigation is ‘ongoing’ but it seems pretty clear that everyone involved was an idiot, except perhaps the guy in the truck if these guys were drunk and horsing around in the road. It certainly sounds like they might have been, but he quite easily could have been careless in his driving too. I suppose we’re not going to know until Stelly concludes the investigation eh? Stay tuned.

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