This Is One Of The Greatest White Trash Brawls Of All Time

White Trash Brawl

Even the dogs and cats get involved.

There isn’t much to say about this video, other than that it’s one of the greatest white trash brawls of all time.

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The ruckus begins when two sets of female neighbours – I think they’re mother and daughters too – are yelling God knows what at each other on the front veranda of their house. It then escalates pretty goddamn quickly when another younger looking girl runs out and starts laying into one of the older looking women.

Soon all the women – along with their dogs and cats are getting involved:

Geez. That’s probably a regular occurrence in that neighbourhood too.

My favourite thing about it though is probably how the guy is just sitting in his car staking it out and filming it, absolutely loving it as well. Thanks for that buddy although I kinda feel sorry for him as he probably has to put up with this crap morning noon and night. Get a new place buddy, seriously.

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