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How does the food you eat reflect on your casino habits?

The food we eat says so much more than whether we are fitness freaks or fatties. You can guess what casino games people like to play based on what they like to eat. Don’t believe us? Try this!

Snack foods

So you prefer to snack, do you? More of a nibbler? If you prefer to fill up on crisps and chocolates than sit down to a slap up dinner, we reckon that you would be a fan of the slots. The one arm bandit. The fruit machine. Lots of little bets instead of one huge gamble.

Indian Food

So you like it a bit spicy do you? If you are more of a fan of the curry, then we reckon that you must be a blackjack player. A fan of the rich flavours of the East is drawn toward the risk and high stakes at the blackjack table.

Home Cooked Food

Not a fan of fancy restaurants? Would you rather be able to put your feet up on the table without getting funny looks? Then we think you’ll be a fan of online casino gaming. All the thrills of the real casino without the black tie requirements, right at your fingertips at

Michelin Star Restaurant

Not satisfied with bog standard fare? More into the dining experience as well as food that is out of this world? If you’re more of a connoisseur and a high roller, then it’ll be baccarat for you. This game is often played in private rooms in casinos because of the huge stakes involved.

Sunday Roast Dinner

Are you more of a fan of the roast meat and vegetables (not forgetting the Yorkshire pudding) slathered in gravy? Loved by everyone (even vegetarians find a way to have it with nut roast!) then we think it’s the poker table for you. This classic game can be found in all casinos, playing a variety of rules including Texas Hold ‘em, as well as late night lounges.


If you are more a fan of the communal buffet, finger food and lots of chat while trying to keep a hold of your drink and eat at the same time, then we think that it’s bingo for you. Not just about winning, but about the whole experience and the community of players, bingo is popular all over the country, and it’s not just for little old ladies anymore.


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