This Character No One Recognises From Game Of Thrones Got Naked (NSFW)

Game of Thrones die-hards – your time.

Much of being a Game of Thrones fan involves trying to remember who’s who in the show. You never know if two characters are related or shagging or both. I think there are about 27,000 characters on the show so it’s not easy remembering them all.

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With that in mind, I really can’t remember Russian model Ollie Kram who plays ‘Anara’, who according to the Game of Thrones WIKI is:


Oh right, so she’s one of the 5000 prostitutes that show up in every episode. Got it. Hey, if you’re on camera for even one second that counts as being an actress on Game of Thrones. If that’s good enough for Yume magazine, it’s good enough for me.

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