Old WWII Bomb Detonated In Central Munich – In High Defintion

An old WW2 bomb got discovered in Munich a couple of days ago and because of some weird trigger mechanism it was decided the safest way to eliminate it was to detonate it in a controlled explosion.

Controlled Explosion Munich

On Monday night an old bomb from World War 2 was discovered in downtown Munich in an area called Schwabing in an old bar that was due to be demolished. Apparently this isn’t that uncommon in Germany as roughly 600 tonnes of unexploded bombs are found in the country every year. That’s a lot of unexploded bombs to have lying around in a country, but I guess it creates a few more jobs over there as there’s actually a fairly big need for bomb disposal experts which might not be so necessary in other countries.

This bomb came from America and was 250 Kg and looked like it could do some damage, even now. Experts decided that it wasn’t safe to diffuse the bomb as would normally be the case in these situations due to the fact that it had some kind of weird fuse that was operated by a chemical reaction rather than by mechanics as is usually the case. As such, they decided that they would have to perform a controlled explosion in order to safely eliminate the bomb.

That’s right, a controlled explosion in the middle of a hugely populated city. That’s like detonating a bomb in the middle of Hackney or the Northern Quarter or Digbeth something. Granted detonating a bomb in these areas might be considered a public service – not because of the loss of life you idiots, I meant in a controlled explosion like this one – because it might get rid of a bunch of shitty buildings and allow them to be replaced with nicer ones but I can’t really see that ever being allowed unless one of these fuckers is discovered over here, which again seems unlikely because well, the bomb was Allied so why the hell would it be found over in an English city?

Anyway, 2500 people got evacuated from the area and it got popped last night. There are reports that the fire and flames from the bomb caused nearby buildings to burn but these are unconfirmed, although there are some pictures floating around the internet that suggest damage was pretty high. You can see a couple of them below:

Controlled Explosion Munich 1

Controlled Explosion Munich 2

There is a pretty awesome HD video of the bomb exploding that you can see below, but to be honest it’s kind of far away and I’ve seen better explosions more recently on Sick Chirpse, for example this collection of huge explosions or this video of a US atomic bomb being tested on US troops. Or even this video of a million dollar fireworks display exploding all at once.

Still, this is pretty cool because it’s in the middle of a city and it’s an old WW2 bomb, but it really make you realise why so many bombs were dropped in WW2 because well, if this is all the damage that one bomb does then they were gonna need to drop a bunch to even make a dent on anything. Check it out below:


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