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Hungarian Movie Posters Featured

Commissioning local artists to draw posters for big budget movies can either go horribly wrong or amazingly right. In Hungary, it was the latter.

Eastern European countries often couldn’t afford the rights to big time movie posters from America, so instead of using these they would commission local artists to offer their own interpretations of the films themselves for the posters.

This could either be a disaster or genius, but in the case of Hungary it looks like it worked out pretty well judging by this collection of posters. I’m not 100% sure what all of these movies are, but the vast majority of them are easily recognisable and it’s really interesting to see how they were marketed in other countries compared with the iconic posters that we associate most of them with.

You can check out an even better collection of old school posters from Hungary over at You can even buy a poster if you want but they’re pretty expensive – the Empire Strikes Back one went for $1595 in January for example.

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