Watch This Old Fashioned Shootout At A Petrol Station In Chicago


Wild wild west.

As far as cinema and westerns go, you just can’t beat an old fashioned shootout. In real life though, it’s a bit different and also a very rare occurrence.

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I’ve got absolutely no idea what the beef is between the two guys in this video, but it ended with one of them dead so it must have been pretty serious. It’s going down at a petrol station in Elmwood, Chicago, where 43 year old Ronald Morales approaches the car with his gun out looking to start trouble.

Unfortunately for him, the dude in the car also had a gun and ended up papping him way harder:


Morales looks kinda OK walking off but apparently he got shot so hard that he died. RIP I suppose, although he did try and shoot someone else so not sure if he’s really that good a dude.

It gets even weirder though, because the killer didn’t even get arrested or reprimanded for it or anything – apparently he was acting in self defence so it was all cool. I suppose I can kinda understand that, but it’s still a bit of a stretch. America, man.

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