PHOTOS: Let’s All Get Wasted At Oktoberfest!


What happens when you host a 16 day beer festival that sells nothing less than 6% strength beer in litre jugs? This…


Hey guys, hey girls! Wanna get wasted? YEAH! Let’s all go to Oktoberfest and get FUCKED UP!

That seems to be the general consensus of anyone who heads to the 16-day beer festival that’s held annually in Munich. The festival celebrates one thing and one thing only… BEER! Because of this, you can imagine that people end up getting pretty shit faced. Well you imagine correctly, that’s exactly what happens. There’s even a rule that any beer served at Oktoberfest must be a minimum of 6% strength, so stronger than wife beating Stella. Drinks are also served in 1lt glasses – I sense mayhem. In 2010 over 7,100,000 litres of strong beer was served during the festival, and as you can imagine, shit got messy.

Here’s 4 pages of photos of people getting fucked up on German beer for 16 days during this year’s Oktoberfest:

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