Oddka Isn’t Just For Drinking; Check Out This Musical Light Show That It Powers

Oddka Mel-Odd-y Maker

Oddka Isn’t Just For Drinking; Check Out This Musical Light Show That It Powers

Spirit brand ODDKA have released a new promo video showing the zany uses that their drink can be utilised for, as a team of innovators gathered together by protagonist Wit Oddoski use it to start their own oddstarter company alongside established company MakeLight. Using the ODDKA as electricity, they’re able to develop a musical light show of Oddoski bottles controlled by their iPhones.

Sound too good to be true? Well, that’s just the magic of ODDKA and why you need to get involved with it and start developing your own ideas for Oddstarter products utilising its full potential. It’s just one of the reasons why ODDKA is set to become a household name in the next 12 months – not only for its flavour but also for its potential to aid with all kinds of crazy experiments, pranks, competitions and general mischief. Just go odd already.

As you can see in the video, ODDKA comes in a variety of different outrageous flavours which is another one of its great selling points that fully exudes the essence of ODDKA and what it’s all about. These include Twisted Melon, Peach Bellini, Fresh Cut Grass (citrus), Electricity and Salty Caramel Popcorn. Needless, to say, it’s the electricity flavour that inspired the above video as the ODDKA is being used as ‘electricity’ to power the Mel-Odd-y Maker and make that awesome sound and light show that you can see in it. The other flavours aren’t exactly your regular style of alcoholic beverage though either and they all taste delicious – they’re pretty much a breath of fresh air in a stale market place.

For more Oddstarter news check out a href=””>their website and go odd.


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