Odd Future Vs Newsnight

Odd Future did a feature on Newsnight. Inevitably it was unintentionally hilarious.

Last year we had Jamie XX Vs Newsnight, and this year it’s the turn of Odd Future to go up against the stupidest and most conservative/clueless show on television. At least on its coverage of youth culture and popular music, I wouldn’t know about any more of its content as I don’t own a TV and even if I did I would probably be watching music videos rather than this bullshit.

This interview/feature/whatever is so laughably out of touch with the modern music scene that it’s almost painful to watch. Odd Future are referred to as a ‘gang’ who haven’t sold any records and don’t get their music played on the radio like this is some kind of outrageous, unbelievable behaviour. Anyone who knows anything about the music business knows that those old business models are outdated and that bands/artists don’t make money selling records anymore unless they’re Justin Bieber, Miley Ray Cyrus or Carly Ray Jepsen simply because it’s so easy to download music for free.

So to get the music out there you might as well just give it away for free. You know, getting it out there man, fvcking the major labels. Bands only make money from selling merch and touring now. Although I don’t agree with Odd Future charging £100 for one of their stupid ty dye t shirts I’ve got to admire their entrepreneurship in setting up pop up shops wherever they play  and selling merch in them and making a shitload of money because members of the wolfpack (or whatever they call themselves) are dumb enough to spend money on a crappy t shirt with a picture of Brick Stowell (Who? Who is in OFWGKTA again?)’s  face on it.

Newsnight’s coverage is really stupid though. There’s nothing wrong with Odd Future – they’re not doing anything that loads of rappers haven’t done before (I mean check out the Insane Clown Posse and their Juggalos, who’s business model Odd Future have arguably copied), they’re just doing a better job of it than most and making more money off it. Get with the fvcking times Newsnight and stop acting like they’re the enemy and ruining the youth of today (Tyler the Creator is straight edge, surely that makes him a better role model than someone like Wayne Rooney?) and stop  using phrases like ‘merch, as it is known in the business,’ ‘their young fans, who follow them ONLINE,’ and ‘so how do these POP UP SHOPS operate?’ Times have changed, stuff is happening, get with it.

Having said that, it does feature one of the best quotes I’ve heard this year: ‘Some say this band is a case of old wine in new bottles. Or maybe that’s OLD DOPE IN NEW BOWLS!’ LMAO.

Here’s the interview below, try and watch it without laughing:


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