The New Short Movie From Neill Blomkamp’s Studio Is Absolutely Terrifying

Another golden piece from Oats Studios.

Neill Blomkamp’s experimental new film studio has been flooding us with delicious content over the past couple of months and the latest instalment doesn’t buck the trend in the slightest.

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‘Zygote’ stars Dakota Fanning and two people that end up trapped in a remote mining facility in the Arctic with a horrific creature and no way out. The monster has already killed and assimilated everyone else in the station and it isn’t going to stop until it snags our two leads either.

Watch the whole thing below:

Intense. Gotta say that I’m absolutely loving all this free content that Oats Studios is providing us with, but unfortunately I think the next instalment is gonna have to be crowdfunded. If you want to keep seeing sick short movies like this on your computer screen, I suggest you donate.

If you missed the first two Oats Studios releases then click here to check them out. Incredible.


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