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O2 respond to Twitter abuse like like bossmen

There is no better place for people to express how much you hate a product/brand/anything than Twitter! People really go for it on Twitter; it is quick and easy and you usually get incredibly boring corporate responses basically sucking you off as an apology; which gets neither you or them anywhere.

O2 obviously came under a lot of stick in the past 24 hours for the fact no one’s phones were working. People have been hammering them on Twitter with abuse, and quite rightly so; people are paying for their services and not getting anything back. Well obviously O2 apologised, like any brand would! However, they got bored of this and turned some responses on their heads. They have started rinsing those that have been abusive to O2 in a hilarious way, which everyone is lapping up. Basically the social media dude over there is just using the Twitter feed as if he was speaking to the people as himself, making everyone love O2 by basically being a sarcastic prick.

Unfortunately everyone’s phones have started working again so the humor has died down. However it was a genius way of taking the attention off what was potentially a complete disaster and making it a fvcking funny situation. Check out some of these tweets:

1st Customer Service response from O2

2nd Customer Service response from O2

4th Genius Customer Service Response from O2

3rd Genius Customer Response from O2

5th Genius Customer Service Response from O2

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