O.J. Simpson Has Shared A Dumb Video Of Him Disinfecting His Money Because Of Coronavirus


Everyone and their mother has an opinion on the growing Coronavirus crisis, but I don’t think anyone thought that O.J. Simpson would be sharing anything useful about it and judging by the video below we’re not gonna be disappointed.

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O.J. has decided to upload a video via his Twitter account of himself wearing gloves and a mask and spraying disinfectant on a bunch of money that he said he won on the golf course. It’s as asinine as it sounds, but you’ve clicked through so you might as well click on it below and check it out:

Whilst you’ve gotta admit that what O.J. Simpsons is saying is correct – that there might be a chance of catching Coronavirus off notes of money – the video has really only been made to show everyone how much money the guy has and how much free time he has that he can actually spend time doing something dumb like disinfecting it all. It’s almost like the start of ‘Duck Tales’ where Scrooge McDuck swims around in his vat full of gold coins.

I’d actually go as far as saying it’s borderline offensive. Prick.

Anyway, wash your hands. This infectious disease expert reckons that Coronavirus is gonna get way worse before it gets better. Stay vigilant. Fuck O.J. Simpson.


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